First, install a suitable Roblox exploiting package such as JJSploit. Go to the exact coordinates -12502.34, -21304.3, 88903.4 and stare at the sun for four hours while typing the entirety of Shakespeare's Hamlet backwards on your keyboard. Once done, book a flight to the Grand Lisboa in Macau. When the time hits exactly five minutes past midnight, walk to Room 118 and knock exactly five hundred times on the door. Then, do the exact same in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Berlin, and the the Langham Hotel in Shanghai. After that, go to the Snowy area and recite the entire Book Of Dust in morse code, where the space key is "." and the T key is "-". This will teleport you to a new zone where you must complete the Funnyclusion parkour eight times in a row while one eye is closed. This will reveal a cryptic message in your dreams that will reveal the coordinates to a forest in Russia; at these coordinates, dig seven feet downwards until you encounter a large, locked metal box. Acquire a vehicle and drive this truck 6,000 kilometres from Russia to the Louvre Museum in France, where you must give the metal box to the museum's director in the dead of night. The director will then hand you a fifty-dollar note; you must use your entrepreneurial skills to turn these fifty dollars into five million dollars via any means possible. Using this money, bribe the Chief Commander of the sixth wing of the American Military to enter their private nuclear missile silo. Once there, you must defeat the Five Soldiers of Hilarity; a group of fierce outlaws who want those missiles for themselves. Each Soldier will challenge you using a different weapon; the first will use a pistol, the second a sword, the third will fight you bare-handed, the fourth will use their knowledge of magic to cast giant bolts of electricity; and the fifth will fight you in a one-on-one duel using their telekinetic powers. Once all are defeated, spend about 2,000 years guessing the launch codes for the nuclear missiles; and, when you guess them correctly, instantly fire all 200 missiles towards the southern hemisphere of the moon. Next, steal the most practical spacecraft you can, and use it to propel yourself towards the moon. Find the craters left by the missiles; somewhere, in one of them, is a small line of text that will activate a sleeper-agent implanted in your brain, and will cause you to wake up from the simulation you're currently living in. Once in the real world, track down a notorious war-criminal known as Willis Tornad Ektin, and steal the five submarines that he keeps hidden within a giant underground bunker. Drive these five submarines to the exact centre of the Earth's surface (0N, 0W) and then dive until you hit the ocean floor. Spend at least six years living at the bottom of the sea alone, before resurfacing and then immediately repeating every single step of this guide - eight times. Once completed perfectly, hack into the FBI's cloud storage service to finally find the answer you're looking for - "easy.html"